Application for an apprenticeship training position

How to applicate right?

The choice is not easy because of the great number of applicants. Often the first impression is crucial. Your records promote you or not. Be careful that they satisfy the following points: faultless, clearly laid out, clean and orderly.

Check list for a job application:

1. Date and reason of your application
2. Accurate name of the job you apply for, and why you are interested in
3. School you come from
4. Which certificate will you get and to which specified date
5. Signature
6. Records that you add to your application

Your application papers should contain:

1. Letter of application
2. Curriculum vitae in tabular form
3. Last two certificates (good readable copies)

You must send off your application papers until end of October of the prior year (following the current advertisment in the press, the internet and the job agency). On the paper and the cover you have to write your name, your address and the complete address of the addressee (DESY Zeuthen, Platanenallee 6, D-15738 Zeuthen).