Mechanics department

Structure and duty of the mechanics department at DESY Zeuthen

The mechanics department consists of the partitions design engineering, mechanical workshop and training workshop. Speaker of the group is Mr. Heller.

Six design engineers and two draftsmen (draftswomen) are working at the construction department. Furthermore there are trainees, graduands and students from time to time. The employees create drafts and layouts for several physical projects, build up 3D-constructions and generate technical drawings and technological procedures. Other tasks are the ordering of materials, cooperation with industrial companies and the commissioning of devices and apparatuses.

The mechanical workshop under control of foreman Mr. Kundoch manufactures parts and assemblies based on technical drawings of the construction department and with the help of a manifold machinery for physical experiments at Zeuthen, Hamburg and other places over the world. Beside that the nine mechanics are involved in installation work at the experiments. The apprentices of the second and third training year are skilled in practic works, for example turning and milling at modern CNC-machines, welding of complicated parts and assembling of devices.

In the training workshop under control of taskmaster Mr. Grote youngsters are qualified to industrial mechanics in the field of precise toolbuilding. The duration of training is 3 1/2 years. In the last years trainees from here were counted to the best of them in Brandenburg again and again. Normaly three youngsters start this education every year. In the third and fourth year the trainees learn and work under supervision of expierienced mechanics in the mechanical workshop.